I’m ready, how do I get started?

Just call 804-878-1396 or email us at Contactus@BulletsBrands.com.

What does it cost?

Cost depends on what equipment you already have.  Start-up Package costs around $3000 (Graphics, Digital Menu Set Up, Small Wares), some minimal site prep costs (paint, electrical, etc.), 1-2 LCD or LED  TV’s (we’ll provide specs, you can buy anywhere), and, if possible, an exterior sign (determined on case-by-case basis).

How do I know if I have the right equipment?

A quality food concept requires quality food preparation and quality food presentation.  We will work with you to minimize cost and maximize execution.  First, we’ll take a look at the equipment checklist.  Second, we’ll help assess your needs based on what you have.  We can also suggest an equipment provider, but you can buy what you need from anyone you like.  

Once I decide to go with a Bullets Brand, how long does it take to get open?

Approximately four to six weeks.  A lot depends on site preparation and equipment needs.

I don’t have much space…

We’re used to working in tight spaces.  We can be pretty flexible with layouts and will do everything we can to make it fit. 

What is the most important aspect of running a successful food operation?

People, People, People.  Did I say People?  You and your employees are the linchpin to a successful operation.  Properly trained staff is the key to any successful operation.  We will train you and your employees at your location and provide ongoing support.

Do I need additional employees?

Maybe.  It depends on how you already staff your store.  A dedicated food service person is a must for success.  Our kiosks are set up to maximize labor efficiency and reduce labor costs wherever possible.

Ok, I’m really ready, how do I get started?

Just call 804-878-1396 or email us at Contactus@BulletsBrands.com.

Where do I get Bullets food products?

We partner with area food distributors to deliver our specified products.  After signing up, a distributor representative will contact you to provide an order guide and set up an account.

Can I buy food products from other suppliers (distributor, grocer, etc.)?

To operate a Bullets branded food program you must purchase product from our approved supplier(s).   This is true even if the specified product is available somewhere else.  You are getting a branded food program.  For that you must purchase products from our approved suppliers, prepare the menu items according to recipe, and properly display the branded graphics.

What kind of support will I receive?

Besides development, design, start-up, training and opening?  We’ll continue to be there “every step of the way”.  Trouble-shooting, distribution and menu management, operational support, the list goes on.  We’re here to help you because we’re only successful if you’re successful. 

What?  More questions?  Great!  Call (804-878-1396) or email us at Contactus@BulletsBrands.com.